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ShenZhen QBH Technology Development Co., Ltd. is an innovative and high-tech enterprise, which is specialized in R&D, manufacturing, sales of industrial borescopes and providing OEM/ODM service, comprehensive solutions mostly for automotive intelligent instruments.

QBH was established in 2000, equipped with fist-class facilities, professional staffs, strong RD team and excellent technical capability. After years’ development with precipitation technology, QBH has developed into one of the most professional manufactures of borescope with biggest production capacity of industrial snake tube in the world.

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At QBH, we offer efficient production processes and precise equipment to ensure high-quality products at low costs, with the capability to complete production within 24 hours and guarantee timely delivery.

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Q: What is the best borescope?2024-07-18T19:30:15-07:00

A: As a leading industrial borescope manufacturer, QBH presents the US19, our latest high-end borescope. Featuring a 200-megapixel camera and 360° rotation, it provides crystal-clear images and videos for precise inspections. The US19 is QBH’s best solution for all your industrial inspection needs.

Q: How does the MV01 connect to my smartphone?2024-07-12T23:20:04-07:00

A: The MV01 creates its own WIFI network. Simply connect your smartphone to this network, and use our dedicated app to start your inspection.

3. What are the safety hazards of not cleaning the car engine for a long time?2024-06-12T23:06:51-07:00

① Over time, a large amount of sludge can accumulate in the engine bay, covering the engine and some wiring harnesses, leading to poor heat dissipation or short circuits.
② During the hot summer, the surrounding environment is already quite hot. If the car engine is covered with a layer of sludge, it can cause poor heat dissipation, and the internal fuel lines are also more prone to ignition. Therefore, cleaning the car engine is very necessary.

2. How effective is the automotive borescope for inspections?2024-06-12T23:06:31-07:00

① The automotive borescope is an advanced inspection tool used to check car engines, components, and other hard-to-reach areas.
② It can easily access narrow spaces like the engine bay and wheel wells, providing clear real-time images. The borescope’s probe can rotate, extend, and bend to inspect various angles and positions.
③ Automotive borescopes are typically compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry and operate.

Why is it necessary to regularly inspect a car with an automotive borescope?2024-06-12T23:06:08-07:00

① During driving, the car may experience issues such as engine shaking, difficulty in cold starts, and lack of power.
② Due to fuel quality, traffic congestion, and air quality, the fuel system (injectors, spark plugs, valves, and combustion chamber) accumulates carbon deposits, affecting fuel combustion and causing stalling.
③ High fuel consumption, excessive oil consumption, and exhaust emissions exceeding standards.

Are your video borescopes explosion proof?2024-06-06T01:53:06-07:00

QBH Video borescopes are MIL-STD 810G certified.

Q:How is a QBH borescope different than the many low-end products I can buy on the internet for a few hundred dollars?2024-07-18T18:24:23-07:00

A:Articulation: Low-end videoscopes do not articulate (meaning the camera section cannot be controlled and pointed in other directions). A scope without articulation is like a car without a steering wheel.  It’s great as long as you only need to go straight.  These low cost scopes may work well for certain types of inspections, such as small-bore pipe inspections, where there would be no room to move an articulating tip. In the vast majority of cases, the usefulness comes from being able to place the insertion tube into an inspection area and then move the camera around to see what you need to see.  The ability to articulate the camera is the most critical feature missing from low-end scopes, and the value of articulation cannot be overstated.

Image or Video Capture: If a technician ever wants to archive pictures of an inspection, get a second opinion, compare the same part from one date to the next, or show a customer the results of an inspection, you must have image and video capture.  Most low-end scopes do not have an image or video capture. Some of these products may have a video output through which you could record an inspection on a computer, but this adds complexity and cost while reducing portability.

Image Quality: QBH uses high end camera and lens systems to deliver pixel resolutions up to 2 megapixels and a focal range of 7mm to infinity. Check the resolution and focal range of these systems and you will see that they are usually inferior to a QBH video borescope.

Insertion Tube Material: US18 and US19 borescope insertion tubes are pliable enough to snake through bends, elbows and curves.  Some of the low-end product insertion tubes are too rigid to do this.  Some are made out of metal goose neck material, much like electric wire conduit. This type of insertion tube material, combined with a lack of articulation, significantly reduces the type of inspection scenarios in which it can be used.

Will the sample be free for us?2024-05-22T23:23:52-07:00

No,dear.Unless you place a trial order.

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